Artist: Fabric, Piant, Woodwork

Lynn's sense of colors is wonderful. Her work inspires us with her vast love of color and design. She brings life and sunshine to the boutique. 

  • Mainly grew up in Longview, Texas, went to Pine Tree School most of those years, graduated in '73. Got married, got divorced, joined the Army, spent 3 years enlisted mostly in Germany. Saw some of the world on Uncle Sam's dollar. Made friends, got remarried, had two boys who are "adults" now, helped the hubby through law school. I have an Associates Degree from UF - and lots of hours towards a BA (which I am never going to get). 
  • Lived in Miami for 15 years, then moved to Northern Virginia in '99. Worked for different non-profit organizations, including UF College of Education, Audubon, Community Committee for Developmental Handicaps, and the American Society of Appraisers where I was the Education Program Manager. I've quit all my jobs! YEAH! Stay busy doing nothing!!!